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A person's love

I met you, you wan, such as a flower in the grass. Is white lotus, is also a pink peach blossom. Close to see you, also, such as through the mist Dream beauty pro hard sell, through the yarn. Filar silk beauty, every bits of bit into a beautiful. Huan language with you, such as when the gap, at the moment is heaven on earth. The day you went away, pain inspiration, from the bottom of my heart overflow. 
Tears fall like rain, but not to a full face of grief, at this time the world into hell. Separation from, Dream beauty pro hard sell cycling. To face the pain, get down, time can put down can not let go. Accustomed to, strong hang would also. 
There will be your memory, put the bottom of my heart, to move on. Thank you for the memory of, strong and growing up Dream beauty pro. Love is often a person's matter, I am looking for belong to me. Don't forget the happy heart, to meet the next first. To meet a nice, met under a heartache, meet belong to sling wire going one after another.