Take the guitar to travel
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Our last summer

Walking in the street of zibo, the wind toward the crowd surged to relentlessly, yellowing leaves are falling down, quietly waiting for fate. 
Heart sighs the past crowded staggered sea, quiet voice, only the heart of restless whereabouts unknown HKUE amec
Someone says: zibo only summer and winter, without the spring and autumn. At this time, if indeed there. 
In front of my eyes, I dream in the plains of the wilderness, I say want to spend day and night the waters of the cotton crop, I readily gauge to rivers sand already don't know, but everywhere is patches of so-called don't garden, luxurious and elegant beautiful car and noisy and lonely. 
Intermittent, it is my steps, close to the road ahead, bit by bit and little by little away from the vicissitudes of life or in the heart of the world is behind him. 
Day, is really cool, wrapped himself not thick body, also can't feel the slightest warmth, not to fall, Dream beauty pro and went away! 
That summer, we each hall with a vision to the ideal of the heart, not the cape tianya, is thousands of miles away; 
That time, we each walked along their own orbit, but so near, can touch each other the most deep place; 
That year, we're still not forget that we are young, you can smile and walked hand in hand our youth time... 
But, but, it is the start of the wind is too big, blow our walking pace, or we walk disrupted the rhythm of the wind, let us in the summer, the time from the combination of points in the original place, long and long! 
Others said, no don't go to the mountain, but if the rubble of the heart more and more, until you become a mountain, and who can easily cross the past with a smile? 
I was walking in the street, walking, occasionally meet a traffic light, immediately stop, a look around, the road car, when people lean forward, auto start the turntable, I moved forward again. 
Don't know, still think I carry a spare and elegant, know, still in the corner of the unknown feeling frustrated. 
That summer, last summer, we dream to walk, like me, also like you to go, she has a beautiful but sad name, Dream beauty pro called "farewell!