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Every escape is a journey

Shanghai night always greet the dawn, in a burst of din and one under the street light vehicles carrying many dreams? I thought the city when he first come to Shanghai and I imagine, bustling, grand, there cannot be more and mystery, however these, after all, there is no meaning is a fantasy. In fact, the city, but is a glamorous appearance, inner emptiness and melancholy ji's grave. Looking at the towering buildings, flashing neon lights, HKUE ENG and walk on the road use English to talk to strangers easily, I like an audience in front of the television screen, just quietly watching. Because the moment of all the bustling scene in new moon will vanish like smoke the same. 
Before I came to the city, I throw everything in the past the room, not to think, not to deliberately forget, just put it in the in the mind of a window, regardless of wind and rain, follow it. Remember to leave the moment I'm with the mindset of escape, exerts oneself the feelings, the lock that room in life for four years, dragged the big bags and towards the crowded train station. When the car driving slowly, I didn't know I was so cold, there is no any attachment to the place full of memories, or even want to leave it as soon as possible. Along the way not too many language, not a sleepy, let your thoughts across rivers, flew to various parts of the world. Time is always in your thoughts leap go soon, when a bird fly wings strewn at random, will smooth shadow in front of your negligence, you like the original has been to a new city. 
Out of the station of that a moment, only to find that the strange city should a little familiar with illusion. Then I realize we are all like inner is missing, no heart of diabolo. 
I need a stable man, but I can't let settle as long time to save. Cannot predict next time I will not drag my luggage again flee, once again become a walking corpse, but now I am in the city, life is stable, just not quiet night culturelle, the sky without stars, a bit less empty, a hint of loneliness, the only let me upset is even the dream become true, I would rather have a powerful and unconstrained style is also reluctant to cruel dragged into the dream of life, such as in addition add the punishment for yourself. 
Time or step-by-step walk, leave our memories have not in the past culturelle, arrange, one day you will always think of what you spend years did not think of the people and things, then you will find your so-called escape all but is a journey.