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Years like song

An early look at the vast day, dream one day himself like an adult is tall and strong. Until one day, I realized how much time of horror and terrible, I desperately want to catch something, but I found that time quickly slipped away from his fingers... 
In the face of complex things not everyone have I sleeping Buddha smile clear, some may be, Dream beauty pro or years like song. Time does not stay for who did it for a moment, it is cyclic, on their own path in how much a profusion of garden flowers, and how many leaves autumn wind sent away... 
In zibo filial woman Hanoi direct construction, from the river dug a piece of stone, after the above text has been after the baptism of the years long river some invisible, many onlookers locals speculation should be upstream of things that ginger temple, see old degree should be tangwangshan account for performing Jiang Li temple monuments. But speculation is speculation Dream beauty pro, after the no words stele practical significance is not big, I was hesitated is will it continue to deep bottom of the river or make it into the light like a collection of locals handed me a one hundred yuan money will buy and carried away the stone. Finally, the bearing the emperor taizong of performing a ginger tablet cigna after turned out to be one thousand, I and the driver XiaoWei a delicious dinner, unexpectedly let me eat a meal out of some historical massiness, since often can't let go. 
Once at night to go to the mountain temple, the temple of the big ye out of the bag of fruit for me, I was surprised: "this is not a sacrifice to the offerings of god?" "The gods don't need these things!" The big ye answer is arbitrary. I startled, suddenly feel this sentence is some zen, gods do not need, Dream beauty pro need is in this world ascetic man, ever since I let go. 
Each man from cry came to this world to finally left in people's tears, are not our ideal of the perfect. This life like fireworks, whistling all the way to going up into the sky, in the high altitude bloom flower is bright, dark, then moved the prosperities ACTS leave endless lonely in the sky... 
Smooth sailing in life is worth celebrating, but how and to have elbowed ` materialise after the happiness and surprise? Multifarious and unhappiness in the past HKUE ENG, but to give up singing in big strides, that this is what a blessing!