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Acacia brow rain cotton

Drizzle lean on window gazing at, autumn rain, heart with love, with missed long. The wind, rain, let fall a drop of rain and speechless in the half light faint smell of tea, Hair Transplant Surgery let a wisp of the autumn wind invite small rain deep in the body light fragrance. Rain, drops are missing, half in the dust flowing in the wind, half in the lid, half the love, half light dance with him. Rain drops are warm, every drop is always warm. 
The shadow of the wind, the rain clothes, when the bells ring your name, miss, haunts my heart was light. How much to the beauty of feelings, dotted with two feelings mutually yue, gently warm with each other's heartbeat and breathing. At that moment, a hui tenderness fall in the dream, memories into a two depend on each other cherish. House full of purple dream, open in the flower season, dribs and drabs, while, the rain never sleeps, softly, holding hands walking in the sea, the warm heart in this life. 
Through the autumn, prosperous, hong thai travel let the heart to wait in the most beautiful moonlight, aloes, and peace, carefree, write down the pure beauty of one season, acacia patches of the sip. A curved moonlight, deep and remote dream in one thousand, I alone with a love of flowers field, soulful singing, tireless. No one can understand, the attachment through wind and rain vicissitudes. Purple rain drifting away, accompanied by the breeze, softness and tenderness and yearning heart thinks. Thought that a warm color, those toward sunset to read, in the deep shallow words led stumbles trip... 
Light on time, and a shade autumn cool, tranquil half of missing at our fingertips, half in the dust float in the sky, let ink zhiyuan, let flowers drunk heart, let the distant quiet night thoughts. Time to listen to words, and the time hold cup in hand, with the warm smile, will the time's aloes accumulation chuang-tzu, stranded Yu Changfeng patter, falling on the mottled imprinting on the window lattice, tells the stormy love sun. 
Autumn, leaves fell and the season of corner, busy delicate and charming autumn has been released. Light colors, the golden thoughts spread fragrance depicting, deep time, plain coloured the dying days of aloes, precipitated the nearest and dearest relatives, is moved by the mutual dependence with miss, deducing the warmth of life go hand in. Let, joy and passion as drunk throb, etched in heart. 
Breeze through how many days of rain is sweet, blows I love long; How many wind light rain soft moonlight over time, I love long as soon as possible. Heart gently gently window filled with sunshine, crack a light pronounce your name, listen to the elegant words express the lingering feelings, in the soft of bright and beautiful smile soften croon, observe the peaceful and quiet bland to true. 
Quiet night, to listen to sweet music, took the exhaustion of a day, just want to put the heart immersed in the arms of the night, diffusing, saturated with... Perhaps, the taste of missing, like this season of autumn, or strong or light, or bitter or sweet, all need us to read. Don't sigh for it, don't come into my autumn for leaves yellow, the existence of the quiet life, quiet feeling the warmth of love, quietly listen to the voice of the season flows. 
Rain lingering, leaning against a window of shallow reading, listen to a song of the ethereal music, nu skin hong kong although like music far away, but gently wrapped around my heart. Miss a person quietly, although distant between two separate misty rain, can hear each other's heartbeat. A heart thinks, the mind a space, rendering blossom flowers in every season, in every midnight soft calls. With you, together with three thousand wen wan, holding your hand and hold your, through the wind, walk through the rain, four seasons, through life. 
How much time is a heart window, bright, a heart light, how many true warmth. Time flows in the heart, only a cool smile embellish with the four seasons fragrance. Will love the moonlight refract one meter to your window, the years of emotional branding in the bottom of my heart every corner of the tender feelings of miss beautiful into prolonged the aloes of quietly elegant, wen wan the heart dream, tender heart wall. In the misty rain dim every warm night, fishing lingering moonlight with you. 
Once romantic, very flutter, dyed red mottled walls. Misty rain, acacia dream guy, moon and stars since base rose wreath, light read BaiHuaCong in the warmth of a purple. One day when we are old, holding a pair of wrinkled hands of concomitant whole life, the same feeling, like a dream in the heart, the sunset afterglow, sprinkle in the two no longer tall and straight, walk walk will warm heart, quietly placed in one meter sunshine, that was the most beautiful scenery in this life. 
Eyes misty rain, miss you, miss you, at the sunset. Think you, is a wisp of deep feeling of eyes, think of you is a pleasing their brow. All over the sky falling rain purple trivia, condensed into burging miss rain, every drop is I miss you. In the wind, every flower is swaying enchanting. The rain, every ray of fragrance are quietly miss you. Even if time all busy, just want to be together with you two's fireworks, whitehead and carrots. 
Moonlight, inscribed the phase, small rain, dizzy catch the attachment, in the years between the shallow and elegant, gently spread. Who stole past a light fragrance, drunk in the misty rain time. Three thousand, I only take a purple warm. Who sings very well the former QuYin, haunt the present this dream of touching. Weak water three thousand I only take a gourd ladle purple with thoughts. Wind, acacia brow rain cotton.