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Seen two quarters of canola flower

Be featured in our school, right, in the spring to see into the film into a piece of golden canola flower, Dream beauty pro and this season, you can see the harvest canola farmer from dawn to dusk.
This is a very remote this three institutions, from Zhenjiang take half an hour to get to the car. Surrounded by rolling mountains, each teacher will say, your school, although remote, but the environment is very good, very suitable for learning ...... I'm not so studious person.
First came here I felt went to the outside world, the environment here is really good, a variety of trees, grasses, a variety of flowers, as well as a variety of birds and insects and the like, really never seen before. Life can be felt throughout the year. Especially in spring and early summer, tall trees are growing like crazy, just a night to feel around the green is driving strong people swallowed. But here, as well as from outside the quiet impatient society, Dream beauty pro it feels really hard to adapt to, at this point to make a sightseeing tour okay, lets you stay in this year, now that I think do not know how to come The young man made a Beat angry over a two-year Xianyunyehe like days, huh
I do not know when to start, I fell in love in front of the hostel trail morning run, or on the balcony quarters do morning exercises, or new to the school playground two laps to go for a walk listening to music classroom.
Thought autumn harvest season, such a ripe yellow fields also fall only sporadic taste. I did not expect canola is harvested in the summer. Windfall balcony trackwork day is brought, and saw that the left side of a piece of ground to grow canola. Pleasantly surprised once took a lot of photos to a canola flower that remain in the phone, you can get up and often memorable, because I think the Provence lavender, purple one that is so romantic, so I also feel this piece of golden point romantic, electrical desk and perhaps romantic vision of it.
Farmer busy, first cut off handfuls, then brought tarpaulin spread on the ground, put handfuls of oilseed rape have moved on linoleum, with the board beat, let rapeseed oil Bridgend fall, they all leave the straw in the ground, put a fire, possessor of the land, as is the straw left inside some of these did not play clean rapeseed bar, a fire has burned piles particularly busy, flame channeling Lao Gao Lao Gao. They looked far figure is hard behind the joy of harvest, at high temperatures in the summer.
Will leave here a month, which is always hope. The most memorable is that it is the natural environment, the original flavor of life. Years later all will always remember it, move people, not always so easy to forget.
Seen two quarters of canola flower, goodbye!