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Through fleeting meet you

Dalian finally have the opportunity to travel the way you can visit my long lost friend clear soft. Mostly Sophie is my junior high school best friend, when we talk about anything like peas and carrots.
Our next class together crush a tall handsome boys, there is endless talk about the topic of his day. Together we observe his style of dress, to discuss his walking posture together. I skipped school to see him play basketball together, adjustable desk for the girls turned to his gallant big eyes. When he was finally fixed around the emergence of a tall, gentle girl when we were relatively silent tears, together ramble for their distressed fuchsia, together painted his name will notepad torn beyond recognition, for the class meeting was criticized find any. Finally, before the line to catch up with the pace of rush hour, we entered high school, divided in different classes. Schoolwork more onerous, life no longer have the boys. Gradually, we no longer have to meet every day, is no longer an open meeting on the move no pace, no longer secretive talk Sentimental little secret electrical desk......
So Ruoyouruowu distance shred generation. After the Battle of the entrance smokeless overwhelmingly gesture declare our high school ended, we finally set foot on the way to train the different landscapes, from less contact. On the way to come before the doorbell rang, I always envisioned meet upcoming scenes in my mind. I think I will rush to give her a big hug, and then very sweet, said: "!! Hey long time no see."
Stand in front of me until the door was opened, when she actually appeared in front of me, it's still that old still looks like a flower smile. I found that I did not imagine so excited. . "I'm coming," blurted out the phrase was not prepared for a long time "!! Hey long time no see," but a simple, she said: "You first take a break, I can help you a cup of tea." We do not seem to Long time no see as if those dearly huddled together chatting time just yesterday.
In those days of puppy love, we were accompanied by the flowering season, passing each other most beautiful, but also mutual witnessed the wound grew hazy green years. Are afraid to come to an end has been changed, I did not expect is still tepid as before. Even less greeting sparse contact, time and space do not have in a real distance between us. No matter how much the ferry on the way of life, no matter how fleeting time we have to pass through, I believe, to meet you again, adjustable desk is still the old scene.