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People still, love misty

Had to do a thousand sails, people still, love nada. Dash of melancholy, sad how many haunting. 
I copied the once beautiful. Looking at the stars sigh, what love dash, dash Mang asked mystery adjustable desk, I ask whether it knows, ask the heavens know about this? I saw thousands of style clouds, from the sky drifting graceful graceful posture, leaving a misty marvel. Dim moonlight enveloped my vision, my blooming season downtown, several world dying. 
Always think time will dilute everything, always thought sadness will slip through your fingers, always thought the tears no longer flood, always thought that life is a drama, sooner or later will end. However, Magnificence cleared, sadly into mourning, but still can not change your worrying. 
Seasonal cycle, missing a string of cemented sad note, the shuttle in every season. I lingered in the former coaching inn, pawn half time, just once in exchange for warmth; I buried emotions I just want to win eternal love. However, wind fondly, culturelle like a dream craze, arrived, but PASSING fleeting, and ultimately heartbreaking in the earthly. 
Breeze caresses my cheek, but ask uneven years left in round after round of prints; rain flows into my heart, but do not wash the net countless sad, I can not also moisturize dry heart. Fleeting dark turn, only sadness and loneliness with me. 
Flowing time, lonely years, think back to the scene was haunting, desolate heart only one. Tempting fleeting, alone hold concentrated worry, shed tears when the wine, drank only sigh, sigh silly one, amidst the first place, as if a mirage, or Nankeyimeng. 
Night hearted, carefree months, people still, feeling the first place. Heart solo, tears still, who co empty joys and sorrows. The depths of the lotus, willow shore, on a difficult path, full of poignant sadness drops. However, your bright eyes smiling, handsome face but often surfaced in my mind, I would like to erase but also how to wipe it away. Time flies, youthful Wang Chuan, however, you have been sitting on my other side. You know, I want to become a rudderless boat hair transplant, one day near the shore, moored in the harbor you forever. 
Heart Lake micro-ripples, ripples charming little thrown into mourning. Who is this heaven and drunk? One eye crazy Italy, dumping the World tenderness, wasted in the years reincarnation, only seeking a dream phase winding.