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Love insights

I recently heard a true story: a colleague, outsider, Hansha, kind, pragmatic but somewhat foolishly, in good entry soon, met a heart was seriously hurt a woman, her husband indulge in gambling, face the body of his wife died quite a paunch still gambling forget that the house should be secured, Ergonomic chair and finally select the divorced woman, a woman who lived, after experiencing heart Qieyi thieves access to invite those colleagues sharing, great colleagues old woman, but men pragmatic, slowly, a heart needs comfort, a heart needs a stable, families in need, time slowly passes, eventually the two fall in love, and thus suddenly surprised, women and girls is really not the same, the former understand the meaning of family, freshwater pearl earrings and colleagues to praise is it really good, because it is love. 
Sometimes think in the end what is love, and suddenly from the side of this story inspire some understanding, not necessarily a hot glue-like attachment on schedule, as they should Direct Subsidy School, as the face of bleak reality, you dare to play confidently accepted, perhaps fantasy, but worry about disturbing reality collide dare you realize that you are a people who love Dongai Ganai, I wish all a happy holiday Ganai loyal to the person loved. People seem to be more susceptible to the influence of the surrounding judge also did this story even more awe around, because it is not far away. 
When ready to take the first step to self-esteem comes from the heart remorse, walk slowly not before nuskin hk, learn them, dare to face.