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Anger for the confidante

The Sui Dynasty Yang Guang chase beauty, Jiangshan ruined, submissively sends a person to arrest; beauty a smile, Zhou Zhou you for her, feudal war drama, Limited company Hong Kong later Quanrong break Haojing, Zhou you wang killed; "nine beauties" wrote Tang Bohu and Qiu Xiang love story; the inspiration for Picasso to show, to create "Yawei farm girl", draw a picture of a milepost significance masterpiece; Yin Shang Dynasty, King Zhou loved singing and dancing Daji, listen to her. King Zhou road, by King Wu of Zhou in one fell swoop destroy business...... All of this, because of the beauty of a woman, because the woman's tender feelings, because the woman attraction for a man. Some men to indulge in the beauty of a woman, inextricably bogged down in. Here, a desolate, frustration, joy, regrets, romantic, also have sad......

The lack of natural beauty, the beauty of a woman, just a little vitality; the beauty of life, not the woman's gift, just a little romantic; artistic beauty, not the beauty of a woman, just a little lively, like white jade has a blemish, value greatly reduced. Because of the beauty of a woman, a quality suggestive of poetry or painting spewing out, a section of the story spread through the ages. Throughout the history of the river, the beauty of a woman has influenced many people, "a good man caught in difficult circumstances, formation of company be immersed in love." The beauty of a woman, sometimes increases the love and hate, sometimes added love yearning. The Confucian scholar Jun Jie, because the beauty of a woman, to chase, fought each other, involuntarily, lose, lose nature, even for love duel, lose their lives.

The beauty of a woman, can write like an angel. The poem said: "there is a beauty in the north, unique and independent. Gu Qingren City, again Gu Qingren country." "With a smile the charm, six palace powder woman no colour." The wave trough came into mind. The beauty of a woman, fresh beauty, such as secluded orchid in a deserted Valley, from the mundane. Pure beauty, natural beauty. "Clear water lotus, natural go vulture act the role ofing." Coquettish beauty, "enchanting and moving, splendid." The Song Dynasty Su Shi said "to the West Lake than the west, total affordable richly adorned or plainly dressed." Elegant decoration, Income Tax Hong Kong powder fat, rich and gaudy a born beauty, charm charming.