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Small objects into a mother's Day Gift NEW

Flowers online shopping week turnover of 1030000 pens
Yesterday was mother's day. In many mother's Day gift, flowers, especially on behalf of the carnation is still the preferred. The utility of the comb, meaning beautiful cakes and become the new hot spot hk gift and premium.
The most classic:
A week out of 1030000 flowers
In the past week, Taobao flowers transaction number is 1030000, the carnation accounted for about 35.7% of them, though Mother's day to send carnations or preferred, but is no longer a single choice, people pay more attention to "mix and match" effect, carnation, Lily and rose and the combination of other more popular welcome. With the holidays approaching, flowers prices have gone up. Taobao.com data show, flowers one week before the list price of 2.8 yuan, has now risen to 5.2 yuan hk gift premium fair.
The most innovative:
Name carved comb sold 1500 pieces
The finger chopping vegetables, good use of act as a go-between, pebble massaging slippers while wiping edge foot...... Take a small but very practical small objects become popular New Year gift for mother's day. Taobao index shows, "mother's Day" as keywords search volume growth of 246.2% over the same period last year. A company called "Buer Lao Lifang" shop launched a engraved with the "Thanksgiving mother 2013.5.12" and custom's name or nickname of the horn in the mother's Day card, day sales have more than 1500 pieces hk.premiumngifts.com.
The most warm:
Thanksgiving cake amiable handwritten greetings
This year's mother's Day eve, Gokokuji snack bar in addition to the classic "yellow pea cake of gratitude", also launched the "summer" version of the "bean yellow Thanksgiving cake". Gokokuji snack bar manager Li told reporters: "in addition to the new tastes and customization of mother's day in terms of service, we also introduced this year 'personally write greetings' activities. Buy a cake for mother's Day Thanksgiving customers, can write to the mother said." Another old name Beijing Daoxiang village also specifically for mother's Day custom "mother fortune cookie" cake gift box hk gift and premium.