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This age you don't understand

Maybe no one will understand, we this age reneex. We implicitly through childhood, we are not young, youth is not a struggle of young people, more is not a man of over 60. This age, we just outside rebel, nuskin hk soft inside a subtropical high cold attitude... 
Sometimes I admit how excessive prick silk counter attack reenex , in fact, we just to disguise fragile heart, mouth had taken a heart has been repeated, nuskin hk clearly know oneself do wrong also pretend to be a pair of dude. Bing xin said: we are living in the sea ship baby, don't know, where to, where to go. Our heart how lonely and helpless, we are all too sensitive and insecure. Heart is cold, nuskin hk tears is hot; Heart - frozen world, tears the world - tenderness reenex. How much we desire to fall a drop of tears in my heart... 
Cold dew, rather than in the middle of the night reenex, and spend company - but not the bright sun, give her a bit warm, nuskin hk as we firmly wrapped himself up.