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Leaves of spring

Blew a night cold wind, but see downstairs in the early morning streets covered with fallen leaves, burst, a strange love come to mind, the yellow, golden yellow, nuskin hk beautiful and lonely why not in the leaves of autumn leaves are selected in this march? 
The bloomy spring season, although the beautiful but covered with fallen leaves in the street is so lonely, I smell the spring in the air but seeing the autumn of sentimentality. On the falling leaves, nuskin hk in the heart of the desolate, one could not resist the heartache can't breathe, a breathing acid to his nose is cold to the heart. Leaves fall from sad, no tears Shan however, man, why so fragile. Each time the tears all hope that this is the last time, but the tears forever since because of you... 
Ever leaves the other I will always be sad how much, and now the leaves don't look sad, too. So many leaves dance with the wind, watching the branches has is bare overnight, heart again how not sad. Everything transformation is an instant, the growth of the branches has experienced countless leaves falling, Dream beauty pro it faced with the departure of the leaves is already numb, leaves falling in the moment is happy or sad you are passing away of freedom? 
When the leaves begin to fall, everything fell silent, and nothing can change it back once the pale green, a passage, a natural process of experience, just like that. Actually landing is not necessarily a die and is likely to be born again. Leaves with the beauty of silence silently leave, Dream beauty pro had seemed doomed to such a helpless, alas! With a sigh is helpless, sucked into a cool wind, over time this helpless became silent silent!